Christian Zionism

Christian Zionism – The Deep Rooted Deception

What is Zionism and who are Zionists?

 Could it be that 9 out of 10 Zionists are actually Christians?

 Why is it so important for Christians to support the return of Jewish people to a land called Israel?

 What does the New Testament have to say regarding those individuals who reject the Messiah Yahushua?

 Are all Jews supportive of the return of Jews to Israel? What do the orthodox Rabbis have to say regarding this?

 Is Judaism and Zionism the same thing or are they totally different?

 Are all Jews, wherever they live in the world, nationals of Israel?

 What is ‘antisemitism’ and is ‘anti-zionism’ really ‘antisemitism’?

 Did German Zionists really establish an agreement with Hitler and Nazi Germany to assist with relocating Germans Jews to Palestine?

 Why is it so important for Christian Zionists to hear the Truth and understand that their Zionsist Belief is based on gross misunderstanding of both the New Testament and Bible Prophecy?


 If you are someone who would like some answers to these questions then please work your way through the six part series listed below. The Truth may even shock you.

 But the Truth will set you free:

 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;

 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

 John 8:31-32

p.s. I have included a short (2 part) interview with Rev.Dr Stephen Sizer at the bottom of this page as a sort of appetiser.


Can two walk together, except they be agreed?
Amos 3:3  

Christian Zionism

The Great Deception and the Truth Revealed

Jewish Opposition to Zionsim

What is anti-semitism and what exactly is anti-zionism? How do these terms relate to Jewish people and the state of Israel today?

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The Deceit of Christian Zionism

How have we arrived at the situation today where tens of millions of Christians rally behind the State of Israel believing that this State of Israel holds the keys to Biblical prophecy.
Where does this thinking/teaching come from? What is the effect of this erroneous mis-interpretation of Scripture?
Read on and discover how Zionism has it’s roots in the Christian church.

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More on Antisemitism

In this post I share more information on the definition of Antisemitism and how criticising any actions of the political state of Israel or political Zionism leads to accusations of Antisemitism.
Hate speech of any kind should be frowned upon and possibly even outlawed but in this modern age of supposed free speech why is the criticism of politics being suppressed?

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Zionism and Judaism - The Missing Link

What or who is a Jew? Is a Jew a national of the nation state of Israel? Is a Jew rather defined by observance of the religion of Judaism regardless of nationality?
Let’s discover what a Jewish Rabbi has to say on this matter.

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The Zionist 1933 Agreement with Nazi Germany

Is it true that the Jewish Zionists co-operated with Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and entered into an agreement with them to enable Jews to relocate to Palestine?
Was this arrangement supported by Jews around the world at the time?
Is this a part of history that is better forgotten and not mentioned?

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The Trumpet Call To Christian Zionists - Return to Truth

This is the sixth and final post in this series.
Let me share the pertinent New Testament Scripture that should serve as a warning to those Christians that believe that we are given any Biblical mandate to stand with and support the nation state of Israel.
Let me show why this would be in contravention of the Words of our Messiah Yahushua.
Allow me to show that this is not about resentment or hatred towards the Jewish people but rather about a strong conviction based on Biblical fact.

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Face to Face – Stephen Sizer talks about Christian Zionism

—— A two part interview —–

On this edition of the Face to Face, Press TV conducts an exclusive interview with Stephen Sizer, pastor of the Christ Church in England, to discuss Christian Zionism. Stephen sheds light on the reasons behind the European support of Israel and the Christian Zionism phenomenon. Stephen Sizer is the incumbent of the Anglican parish of Christ Church, Virginia Water, in Surrey, England. In addition to his parish ministry, he is an author, theologian and evangelist.