Eagle Saints – Chapter 6

Oct 6, 2019 | Eagle Saints, Overcomers


The six chapters of this book are made up from a series of messages written and published in a booklet form in earlier days of this writing ministry.

Don’t be fooled by the simple titles and the familiar subjects of this book. There are truths revealed here that are not generally preached or written about. Using simple illustrations as Eagles, chickens, horses, and the lives of Old Testament men of God, the Holy Spirit has brought forth some profound truths concerning the Body of Christ and the Sons of God. These things are vitally important to you.

Our purpose in these messages is to show that God has a people that are rising above the earth-bound conceptions of carnal men and their static theology. The ecclesiastical orders and religious organizations of our day would keep God’s people in spiritual slavery if they could.

But thank God, the Truth is flowing like a river in this generation, freeing the minds of the elect from the traditions of men, enabling them to soar to new heights of revelation. God is not dead, and the Holy Spirit has not stopped opening up the Scriptures to those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to believe. The Word is coming forth as “strong meat” to those who are growing up to “full age”. His promises to us in this hour are so great as to stretch our faith… But He is able. Bless His glorious Name!

The revelations brought forth in this book are not the ultimate of God, no such claim is made. But as we eat of His Word, and digest the Truth, then He will draw back the Veil and reveal more of the glory and beauty of the Christ. Beloved, be not fearful of that which you have not heard before. His Spirit will lead you into all truth. If you are of His fold, you will hear and recognize His voice, and you will know that you are being introduced to deeper truths.

And now, may God bless you as you open this book, with your Bible near at hand, to carefully and prayerfully consider these things that our dear Lord has given me to share with His Body. May the spirit of revelation and wisdom in the knowledge of Him be yours at this time!

In Him ~ Brother Bill Britton

Chapter 6 (final)

David And Goliath

Men gasped in shock and amazement as they watched the strange proceedings. Some cried out a protest against the inequality of it. For, running down the mountainside, hair flying in the wind and singing a joyous psalm of victory, was a handsome young Israelite. Waiting for him in the valley was a giant Philistine, standing over nine feet tall, armed with a coat of mail and a helmet of brass, and burning with a hatred for Israelites that could not be equaled. He had cursed and defied the armies of Israel, and none had dared to oppose him. Until now. He gave a cry of rage as he saw the young lad approaching, armed only with a shepherd’s staff and a sling. The battle was on!

The Shame of Israel

To get the true picture of how Israel arrived at such a low state as to let a little shepherd boy have to take up their battle against the Philistines, you must needs go back and read the entire book of 1 Samuel. You will see how that in a time when the old order priesthood ministry became blind and heavy with flesh that God moved upon the scene and brought forth a little lad named Samuel. Tho he was young and immature, God anointed him with a prophetic ministry, and thus led and judged His people by His Spirit. It was God’s order, not man’s. It was divine order, not human organization or system.

This was a wonderful type of the Spirit-led, Spirit-filled Pentecostal movement that God raised up at the beginning of this 20th century. The old order ecclesiastical systems of man had gotten so fleshy and so blind that they could head God’s people no further in the Spirit. So God set them aside, even as He did Eli. Oh, true enough, Eli’s grandson still lived and tried to carry on the traditional religion, but it had to be named “ICHABOD”, for the glory of the Lord had departed. The Ark of God was gone.

Give Us a King

But when Samuel was old and his sons walked not in his ways, we find that Israel could not trust God to bring about another move of the Spirit and raise up another true ministry to lead them. Now they were not opposed to Samuel, as such. They still loved to talk about the “good old days”, when the Spirit moved in such a marvelous way through their prophetic ministry. But those days were gone, and it was time to organize this thing.

It seemed like such a good idea. Protect us from our enemies. Make us some laws to keep things in order, so that we still all speak the same things. Why, nearly all the most spiritual men in Israel are in favor of it. It must be the will of God.

They Have Rejected Me

But there were some, like Samuel, who wept at the idea of organizing God’s move in the earth. And he opposed it, and prayed against it. But God saw that the people were determined, and He said: “Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.” Now this was God’s word concerning the whole idea of organizing His people. The people would not have agreed to such strong language. But God said it, not me. He told His prophetic ministry to “protest solemnly” unto the people, and that’s exactly what I am doing today, and have been doing for years. (1 Samuel 8:9)

The Manner of the King

And God, through Samuel, showed the people the manner of the king that should reign over them. He would be so nice, in the beginning. He would have the anointing of God, and do great exploits. He would chase the Philistines, devils would be cast out. Great things would be accomplished, and the people would be much pleased with him. And he would be a man of great stature. He would look after their affairs. The responsibility of the local church could be thrown over on the organization and it’s ecclesiastical leaders. But God saw something else…

The time would soon come when Saul would put a strong bondage on the people. He would take their harvests for himself, and their efforts would be only for his gain. He would use their sons and daughters for his own purposes. No longer would there be God-called men, Spirit-anointed and aflame with the message of the hour, going into their chosen field of labor. But the organization would choose and train men according to it’s own plan and it’s own needs. And they would be servants of the organization, not servants of God. But the people would not listen.

In effect, God was saying to the people, go ahead and organize the move of the Spirit if you are determined. Legislate the Gifts of the Spirit, try to harness the power of God into one big ecclesiastical system if you think you can. But before it’s over, I’ll make you so sick of what you have created, you’ll wish you had never heard of Saul. But they said: “We want to be like all the nations: and that our king may judge us, and go out before us, and fight our battles.” So God gave them their king, and in His grace, God even blessed Saul and gave him victory over the Philistines (which represent the Devil and his horde of demons). But when God sent Saul against the Amalekites (which represent the flesh) we find Saul holding back the part he liked. And God rejected Saul from being king, furthermore, Saul was no longer in contact with God’s prophetic ministry. For it says (15:35) that Samuel came no more to see Saul until the day of his death.

What a picture of the Pentecostal movement! For a time, even after they organized, God blessed them and gave them victory over demons and devils. But they had their “Agags” which they wanted to save back. They would go so far, and no farther.

“But thus saith the Lord thy redeemer, the mighty One of Israel, even now in the midst of all your organizing and in the midst of all the confusion of Saul’s order, I yet have my prophetic ministry. For ye have not brought my prophets into your bondage, and they shall yet speak my Word, saith the Lord. For I have commanded them not to mourn longer over the old order, nor for the systems of the past that I have rejected. But there is a young lad in the land, watching over the sheep, protecting them from the lion and the bear by the power of my Spirit. And my prophetic ministry shall bring him a word concerning the throne, and he shall be anointed by my Spirit, even with that kingly anointing for power and authority and for governing my people. Tho he be small, despise him not, for he shall rise to great heights, for I have searched his inward parts and purified him, and he is mine saith the Lord”. Hallelujah to God!

A Little Lad Anointed

Samuel is instructed of the Lord (chapter 16) to go to the house of Jesse and anoint one of his sons as the new king over Israel. Jesse had eight sons. Now all of them were in the right family, born of the right father. But God is going to make a choice. So they gather the boys together. Except one. One lad is so small, so insignificant, so weak in outward appearance that they don’t bother to call him in from the wilderness. Anyhow, he’s not too popular, for all he seems to do is sing psalms and worship God in the Spirit. Unlike his big brothers who are out chasing Philistines, fighting Saul’s battle, knocking on doors, building up Sunday Schools, David is just resting in God. What he does, he does by the power of the Spirit. His brothers despise him.

So Samuel looks at the eldest, and likes what he sees. God is looking on the heart, and the scene is not so pretty. You are not going to fool God. Either clean up on the inside, or forget about going on with God. The old laws, “don’t touch, don’t taste, don’t look”, are not enough anymore. God is searching the inward parts. There must be a purity of heart to receive this anointing.

Finally seven sons are examined and rejected. Is there not another? Jesse is an old man now. No more strength to bring forth again. If the promised one is not here, there is no more hope. Yes, there is an eighth son, but he is so small. Never mind that, send for him, quickly! Eight is a peculiar number. It is the number of resurrection, life out of death, a new beginning. So little David is sent for, and is anointed king.

Back to the Wilderness

Now that you have been anointed, David, now that you have received the word concerning the throne, WHEN will you put on your kingly garments and begin ruling? The times are in His hands. As for me, I will return to the wilderness to sing psalms and worship God in the Spirit. He will call for me in His hour.

But Saul’s organized system is troubled by an evil spirit from the Lord, and he needs someone around with the true anointing (16:14). So David is sent for and he dwells in Saul’s house for a season. But this is not God’s plan or destiny for David, and David has to finally flee for his life from Saul’s presence, lest Saul should kill him. Some folks would lead you to believe that you can return to the old order of religion with this new anointing and this new call to the throne, but beware lest Saul run you through with his javelin. Your anointing may soothe Saul’s troubled spirit for a time, and you may even have a measure of revival. But if you stay in Saul’s house you will lose all that God has given you or called you to inherit.

But some protest, saying; “Don’t you think that God will include all those precious Pentecostals and hungry fundamentalists in this last day move?” Absolutely not! Not as organizations, not as present day ecclesiastical systems. The last great revival will break in pieces all of man’s kingdoms and the man-made rulers would kill the revival if they could. Oh yes, I see the multiplied millions eventually coming out of the old harlot system, and God will most certainly bless them and include them in what He is doing, both preachers, laymen, and local churches. For God loves His people, Pentecostals and all others, and will do for them according to what they will receive of Him.

And Now to the Battlefield

Turning now to the 17th chapter of this book of 1 Samuel, we see a picture of the present condition of God’s people. We hear the devil’s bold challenge, and then comes God’s answer.

The battle is set in array. Notice in verse 1 that the Philistines were gathered together in Shochoh, which belonged to Judah. They were camped on God’s property. Now the Philistines are types of Satan and his army, and Paul wrote to the Ephesian church that we wrestle against principalities and powers and wicked spirits in the heavenlies. Today a war is going on, and Satan’s army is camped on God’s territory. Everytime I see some of God’s people tormented with sickness, sin, affliction and suffering, I feel like crying out “Oh God, when wilt thou arise and scatter thine enemies?” Everytime I drive down the road and see some precious child bound by some horrible affliction or stumbling along in a crippled condition, I long for the power to just stop the car and set them free. For it is not God’s purpose that man should be so bound.

The Boundary of Blood

Even so, it would be much worse were it not for God’s ‘hedge’. For the word Shochoh means “a hedge”, and that’s exactly why the enemy has not already destroyed the human race, God has a hedge built around them. Satan can go so far, and no further. The word Ephesdammim means “boundary of blood”. And that’s the thing that protected the armies of Israel, for they were unable to cope with the might of Goliath. Many times the enemy would have liked to destroy me, but by calling upon the blood of Jesus and availing myself of it’s power, I was able to defeat Satan’s efforts. Praise God for that hedge, and for the boundary of blood that holds the enemy back until he is defeated.

This land belonged to Judah. Now Judah means “praise”. This land belongs to our praise, it is for His glory. Satan must be cast off and put under foot. What a praise shall go up from all creation when the enemy of mankind is bound and thrown back into the pit from whence he came. Glory to God, hallelujah!

The Two Mountains

Now in the Bible, mountains represent kingdoms. And in verse 3 we see Israel on one mountain and the Philistines on another. There is no peace between them, there can be no peace between these opposing forces. For Satan is determined to destroy the human race, and the Church is just as determined to utterly destroy the powers of the devil. In fact, Hebrews 2:14 says that Jesus partook of flesh and blood so that by death, He might destroy the devil.

The Philistine’s Champion

It takes the next four verses to describe the might and strength of Goliath, and if we let our minds dwell on his power, we might surely end up full of fear, as Israel did. For it ways they were “dismayed and greatly afraid.” (1 Samuel 17:4-11)

Where was Saul, head and shoulders above all others? Oh, beloved, he cannot fight this Goliath, for he doesn’t have the anointing. No doubt he had conferences with his captains often, discussing ways and means of running the machinery more efficiently. Perhaps he had camp-meeting with all his army at times around the campfire at night. But it was all a game. For Saul’s armor hung in the tent. It was of no value. He did not have the anointing. So he made great promises of what would be done for the one who defeated Goliath, but he never expected it to be done.

Conquerors or Slaves

Now Goliath said a strange thing in verse 8. He admitted his own identity, then he called Israel “servants to Saul”. What a fulfillment of Samuel’s prophecy! Had they truly been servants of the Most High God, then Goliath would have been afraid of them, but the devil is not afraid of man’s machinery. Set up all the Sunday Schools, Bible Schools, Hospitals, women’s groups, men’s groups, youth groups, and other groups that you want. You may have so much harness that you can’t find the horse. But if that Holy Ghost anointing for true deliverance is not there, you won’t scare the devil one bit. Read verses 4-7 and you will see that Goliath was used to a lot of harness and machinery, in fact he had more than they all. The one who brings Goliath down will not be hampered with a lot of harness, but he will have the leadership of the Spirit, the faith of God, and the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus. “Servants to Saul”. What an indictment against the church world of today. Sold out their spiritual birthright for a mess of ecclesiastical pottage, and denominational flesh-pots.

“Choose you a man”. But the divided world of Christians cannot get together to form that One Body of Christ that is so necessary for the deliverance of mankind. Their carnal efforts to unite under the headship of ‘Saul’ is only folly. It will not work.

Yes, God is bringing together His Body. Under the headship of Jesus, who is truly the one and only Head of the Church. God has a man to answer the devil’s challenge. And when I speak of “God’s Perfect Man”, or “God’s Man of Faith and Power”, I am not speaking of some tent evangelist or well-known individual. But I am speaking of that glorious Body of Christ, made up of many humble members, with Jesus Christ as Head and Captain. Isaiah saw them and said: “A strong and mighty one”; Joel said: “A great people and a strong”; Daniel said they: “will be strong and do exploits”. Paul the Apostle spoke of them as when we all come ‘unto a perfect Man’.

“If he kills me, we will be your servants”. Yes, if you yield to Satan and he overcomes you, then you are his servant, to do his will. But if you overcome him, as Jesus did in the wilderness, then he must obey your every command. That is what the whole world is groaning for. For God’s David company to come forth and put the devil’s Goliath under their feet. Praise God! There can be no treaty in this war. It is either victory or slavery.

Now David…

In verse 12 David is mentioned for the first time in this chapter. He had returned from playing the harp for Saul, and was feeding his father’s sheep. Praise God, this David company, tho still in it’s minority, has something to feed the sheep.

Goliath drew near and challenged Israel for forty days. Now forty is the number denoting a time of trial and testing. God had given Israel a full trial and found them lacking in the ability to answer this challenge.

Then the father, in the fulness of time, told David to take some bread, corn, and cheese and “run” to the camp. Now I wondered why Jesse waited until the last minute and then had David to run. Why didn’t he start him out a couple days early, and just let him take his time. Beloved, there is to be a quick work done in these last days. It seems like we are making no progress at all, we wonder why this is all taking so long. And then suddenly we will hear the Father’s voice telling us to “run”.

“Notice that he left early in the morning”. It was the dawning of a new day, a very significant day in the life of David. The sheep were left behind. Not all of the “come-outers” will be ready to move in that glorious David-company in that hour. Some will have to be left behind. Some enjoy the blessings of this freedom, but they will just not come to maturity. So in the hour when the Overcomer rises up, they will be left in the wilderness.

Who is this Philistine?

David had received the kingly anointing, and he recognized no other power, no other authority but God’s. And when he heard the giant defying God and saw Israel running in fear, something rose up within him against this thing. He refused to accept this situation as inevitable. He refused to live under the heel of Goliath, he demanded either freedom or death.

Let others settle for a compromise of fear, hoping to just hold on to this last little mountain behind the hedge, trying to hang on just a little longer until Jesus comes and raptures them away beyond the blue. Let others dream about a ‘mansion in the sky’ while they close their ears to the screaming torment of the millions of earth’s lost. There are those who have received a kingly anointing, and they will not settle for anything less than total victory. They will not rest until the last enemy has been put under foot and Satan is bound and in the pit. They are those who will overcome and sit on David’s throne at last.

Just when the armies of Israel seem to be doing well on the field of battle, here came Goliath. How often has it happened, that just when we thought revival was breaking out in the church, and God was moving in a glorious way, then Satan would show his ugly head, and nullify any gains that had been made. Sometimes it would come through a sister, sometimes through the preacher, or a deacon. But the devil usually showed up before the revival got too far along.

How many times have I been having a wonderful meeting, folks getting saved, sick bodies healed, and right there in the meeting (usually right on the front row) would sit someone with a terrible affliction that somehow I couldn’t touch. One time it would be a blind girl, next time a crippled child, or a demon-possessed man. Somehow there was always a Goliath to remind me that we have not come to the measure of the full stature of Christ. Oh God, raise up thy David-people! I cannot settle for a part victory. It must be full and complete!

Opposition From Brethren

You would think that every Christian, every preacher would be glad to see someone willing to stay and fight for complete victory. Not so. Can’t you just see David’s brother Eliab (vs 28) as he says: “Why, David, little brother, I’m so glad to see you getting into the battle. If your faith gets weak, or you need encouragement, I’ll stick by you.” I can remember in the former wars how I was accused of being a devil, a “tongues-fanatic” and worse. So as you receive new revelation and move out into new realms in the Spirit, you can count on me for comfort and support. Oh no! It didn’t happen that way! How nice if our brethren had that kind of spirit. But sorry to say, we now begin to see what God had seen in Eliab’s heart that kept him back from the kingly anointing. His anger and jealousy became manifest.

Eliab rebuked David so sharply and tried so hard to discourage him, that finally David turned away from his brother altogether. I know it hurt him to do so, for I had to do the same thing one day. Remember, the father sent him first of all to his own brethren. But when they would not receive, he had to either turn away or lose the glory of that hour.

When it dawned on me the glory of what God was going to do in these last days in His Church, I just knew that I could show my brethren and that they would be glad and rejoice and accept it whole-heartedly. How simple I was! How much I had to learn about the ways of organized religion. They not only refused to listen to God’s Word, but they were ready to cast me out without a reason. I had to cry with David (vs 29): “Is there not a cause?”

Saul’s Armour

Finally the words of David came to Saul. And he was desperate. Something had to be done. So he talked to David. First he began telling David all the reasons why he would fail, looking only at the natural side. David was too immature, the giant was too much of a warrior. Never a word about faith in God, the power of the anointing. Saul was no longer depending on the supernatural for results. Oh, how like the Pentecostal movement of today. A number of years ago I had a good job in a nice city on the west coast of Florida. I was making good money, was buying a beautiful home, had positions of prestige and authority in the community life of the city. But the call of God was on my life, and the Spirit spoke to me to quit my job and leave Florida. So I did, but I found it tough sledding. One day I stopped in Chicago to see the pastor of a large church, a man whom I had heard much about. I was somewhat discouraged, not finding many open doors where I could preach, and not knowing exactly what I should do. When I told this brother my situation, he just about ruined what faith I did have left, saying that I should have kept my job in Florida and used my money and influence for the furtherance of the gospel. My insistence that I had heard the voice of God to leave did not seem to influence him. From his standpoint, I had made a mistake ever getting into the ministry. Thank God, I was able to get away from him and get alone with God where I could be led of the Spirit. His carnal wisdom did not fit my need.

All David could answer Saul was his testimony of the times when God had come to his rescue in the wilderness against the lion and the bear. All this must have sounded rather childish to Saul, who had fought many battles. But alright, David, if you insist, go ahead, but wear my armour. Let me show you how it is done, since you obviously don’t know how to run a church or have revivals. Notice in verses 38 and 39 that Saul put the armour on David, and that David took it off. Praise God!

Hang your armour back up, Saul, it didn’t work. It didn’t work for you and it won’t work for me. If organization could have brought the church to perfection, then it would have been perfect long ago. If forming denominations could take Goliath’s head off and put Satan’s power under our feet, then we have had many hundreds of chances at it. But it was the anointing on Saul that enabled him to defeat the Philistines at the first, and now that the anointing is gone, no amount of armour will make up for it. It was the anointing that made the Pentecostal movement great in the beginning, and now they are trying to make up for the lack of it with committees, departments, activities, etc. But it won’t work now any better than it did for Saul. Hang up your armour and cry out to God to restore the anointing of the Spirit.

Five Smooth Stones

When David left Saul to go meet Goliath, he didn’t even have a stone for his sling. He had his staff in his hand, a mark of his shepherd’s calling, but his shepherd’s bag was empty. He was totally unprepared for war. But he ran toward the enemy. It looked like sure suicide, but his trust was in the Lord.

When he got to the brook, which usually runs at the foot of the mountains, he stopped for ammunition for his sling. Stones. Smooth stones. Five smooth stones. This, of course, speaks of the five ministry gifts of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers. Not any stones would do. They had to be smooth, so that any little wind (of doctrine) would not cause them to fly off course and miss their target. The running water in the brook had knocked these stones against each other until the rough edges were knocked off long ago. They had been in the processing of the Spirit for a long time before they wound up in David’s hand. Processed and polished and washed in the water of the Word. Oh how necessary it is for those who are going to be used of God, to submit to the dealings of God through our brother. I may not like the bumping I get from my brother, but I had better learn that if I am to be used in this last day revival, I will have to submit to the work that goes on in the brook. Isaiah 57:6 says: “Among the smooth stones of the stream is thy portion”.

It matters not which of the five stones David used. The rough edges of jealousy had already been ground off, so they did not care. The ministry gifts must begin to learn to work with one another, and not try to take the supremacy over each other.

Take a lesson from the stones of the brook, dear brother. Many are the stones lodged in the sides of the mountain, standing alone, with the sharp edges of their individuality protruding prominently. But they could not be used in that hour. Some stones, or ministers, have sharp cutting edges. They seem to take delight in cutting a fellow minister when they find opportunity. But they were not used for God’s high purposes. It was smooth stones God was after, stones that would not cut one another.

The Simplicity of Christ

Oh, the simple way God had of dealing with Goliath. Now any great warrior who had been through the battles, graduated from Bible School, advanced to the rank of presbyter, would know better than to attack such an enemy with only five little stones. He would know that you had to have lots of equipment, swords, shields, spears, helmets, coat of mail, etc. You can’t even start a church now days without proper advertising, finances, committees, assistant pastor, minister of music, minister of education, youth director, and a lot of other machinery.

But let me remind you that of all the swords in Israel, of all the shields and helmets hanging up in the tents, God didn’t use a one. He chose rather to use a little lad full of faith, anointed of the Spirit, going forth to battle unarmed, with the praises of God in his mouth. And don’t be fooled by those who tell you that with more and bigger buildings, finer pews, radio and TV broadcasts, and the sacrifice of your dollars will bring the church to perfection. I realize that we now use these “dead things”, and I would not be able to send these messages out if someone didn’t sacrifice to help me. But when complete victory is won over Satan and all his works, it will be God anointing His Body, His Perfect Man, with the mighty unction of the fulness of the Holy Ghost and power. “And all this assembly shall know that the Lord saveth not with sword and spear; for the battle is the Lord’s.” (vs 47).

In the Name of the Lord

When David came running up to the Philistine, he came prophesying. All right, devil, you have come into this battle with your sword and spear, your weapons of sin and sickness and death. You have your cancers, your polio, your arthritis, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts!

David didn’t even boast of his stones. No use to glorify the ministries. They will be used all right, but the glory belongs to God. “This day will the Lord deliver thee into mine hand; and I will smite thee, and take thine head from thee” (vs 46). What a bold statement for such a little lad. It must have sounded presumptuous to those who heard it. But he was willing to stake his life on the fact that he was speaking the word of the Lord. See what they said about Jesus: “And they were astonished at his doctrine, for he taught them as one that had authority, and not as the scribes.” (Mark 1:22).

Brace yourself, preacher. For in that hour you will have to learn to speak the word of the Lord, and with authority. Jesus did not have to preface what he said with a “thus saith the Lord.” For when He spoke, the Father witnessed to it. And so with David. And so with the end-time David company. Elijah stood before King Ahab and said: “There shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word.” (1 Kings 17:1) How could he dare to say such a thing? Because he stood before the Lord, and the will of God was known to him. Therefore he spoke, and therefore God confirmed the word.

When you truly go in the name of the Lord, and have the authority of that glorious name, you don’t have to scream it forth over every person you pray for, nor use it as some magical formula. You will simply go forth healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out devils, slaying your Goliaths, and everyone will know that you are come in the name and authority of the Lord.

The Battle is the Lord’s

What a glorious rest David had entered into, tho he was in the midst of the fierce battle. The outcome of this battle does not depend on me, it depends on Him. For I am not obligated to rescue the human race from their terrible plight, He is. I did not make the promise to perfect the Church, He made it. So my confidence is not in what I can do, it is in what He can do. Praise God, children, it’s time to rise up and shout the victory!


The End



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